• Why Join?

    We all have a business or professional stake in the Hanover community, and in growing our businesses. That stake can be safeguarded, protected and advanced by working cooperatively through the Hanover Chamber of Commerce and with our affiliation with the South Shore Chamber of Commerce.  Such a joint effort helps to ensure progress for Hanover and that, in turn, enhances opportunities for us to grow and prosper. 

    We actively support projects which aid local worthy causes and at the same time provides a forum for ongoing communication with town officials and the community at large. The Chamber has a long and proud history of providing scholarships to high school graduates from Hanover. It initiates and carries out other projects which have a bearing on the well-being of its members and enjoys a cordial, helpful relationship with town government officials. Each year we present a "Citizen of the Year" award to an outstanding member of our community for the contributions to the Town of Hanover.

    While the Chamber of Commerce is justly proud of the existing business/professional climate, it is also committed to working for a healthy growth pattern which will be beneficial to both the residential community and the business/professional community of Hanover.

    Whatever the future may hold, the Hanover Chamber of Commerce is prepared and committed to guiding and encouraging those who can appreciate the advantages of this unique town. Our goal is to keep the gracious amenities of a residential community while providing services and employment opportunities to the public.