• What Will We Do?

    Critical Strategies for Building the New South Shore

    1) Attract a younger workforce and be more welcoming to families  The strategies for this goal include continued support of the major transit-oriented development already underway or planned such as: Downtown Quincy, Quincy/Adams, Union Point, Braintree, Braintree/Weymouth Landing, Hingham Shipyard, and Cordage Park.  Other strategies may include revised zoning and improved permitting to reduce the costs of housing in other areas.  Where we find willing local leaders supportive of economic growth we will work to collaborate on projects that build more vibrant activity and town centers.

    2) Strengthen public and private sector collaboration to build stronger communities   Strategies to strengthen collaboration include creating and executing a shared strategic plan between town officials and private sector leaders for community and economic development, building larger and more engaged business organizations at the local level, increasing the leadership quotient of local business leaders, creating a regional advocacy agenda, and taking inventory of and partnering with other public and private organizations pursuing projects that align with the regional agenda.

    3) Strengthen and retain existing businesses in key target sectors   Expanding the economic base starts with promoting existing businesses that diversify that base.  These may be broadly identified as businesses selling products or services sold primarily outside the region.  Expanding the economic base will not only add jobs, but also attract more companies in similar sectors or "supply chain" companies that support those sectors.

    4) Promote new business start-ups and entrepreneurship on the South Shore  Strategies encouraging new business growth include facilitating growth of community banks, creating a "maker space" in the region for start-ups, and enhancing business education and mentoring programs.

    5) Recruit new businesses to the region   Boston's growth in workforce and the South Shore's expected growth are favorable opportunities to attract business relocation.  The South Shore must develop a marketing/branding campaign to promote the region for both commercial and residential relocation.

    6) Improve our infrastructure capacity   Continuing to focus on enhanced intra- and inter-regional mobility will sustain and increase growth in the region.  Key strategies include identifying a new set of infrastructure priorities tied to regional economic development and local  community development in addition to working with partners to advocate for priority projects.