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  • Adding a News Release to the website is a snap. 

    It's a great way to let members and visitors know what your company has been doing.  The News Release will scroll on the front page of the Chamber's website.

    Once you've logged in to the member portal, click on News Releases:

    You will be brought to the News Releases page where you will see submitted News from other members.  At the top of the page, you will see Add a News Release and Manage News Releases:

    NOTE: If you do not see those two boxes, you do not have access to post news.  Please contact the Chamber at 781-421-3900

    Click Add News Release and you will see a blank page with text boxes.  Simply fill in the appropriate information about your press release.  Remember to add a title for your release - otherwise, it will say News Release: Date.

    Select which category the news will be displayed in.  We would recommend you select From Our Members.  You can add either your logo or a photo to display on the News feed page.

    Once you've finished, you will Submit for Approval to the Chamber.  The Chamber staff looks over each submission and approves it.  If there is an issue, we will reach out to you.  The news is usually posed within a day or two of receipt.

    Note: Be mindful of copying and pasting directly from Word as it can often add characters to your text that you didn't want.