• Regional Development

    As a one of the largest and most influential regional chambers in Massachusetts and across the country, the South Shore Chamber champions regional development, including: economic, workforce, infrastructure and community development with the objective of making the South Shore the BEST place to live, work and play.  We have gained insights from business leaders across the region to understand their needs and view of the future of our region. We also work closely with local Chambers of Commerce across our region, as well as town governments and local political and business leaders to keep the pulse on the needs of those communities and understand their impact on the region. And, our regional development study, in process, will provide insight into what we can do to make the South Shore the best it can be for the long term, and as regional leaders, help us to execute on identified priorities. The results of this study will also be important as political leaders seek our input as they devise strategy and policy that affects our region. Stay tuned to learn more about the regional study as it evolves.