• Local Chambers & Affiliations

    The South Shore Chamber is a regional Chamber and a local approach. We have the size, capacity and respect to spearhead regional initiatives and the local leaders and backing in the communities we serve to make a difference locally. To this end, we have aligned leadership and resources to empower local businesses in the communities we serve to make a difference in their cities and towns. This approach affords us both tops down and bottoms up strategy and execution. We have three affiliate Chambers that work autonomously toward community development and setting business agendae in their towns. Our member businesses in these towns enjoy dual membership in the South Shore Chamber and their town Chamber. We acquired the Rockland Chamber in 2011. The Braintree Chamber of Commerce was launched in 2013 and the Weymouth Chamber was launched in January of 2014. In other communities across the South Shore, we have established business councils to extend our reach in these communities to bring local business leaders together with town officials and local government. Our newest affiliation is with the Marshfield Chamber.  Additionally, we meet quarterly with the heads of many of the town Chambers, as part of our South Shore Chambers of Commerce leadership group. Together we are working toward a united and empowered South Shore.