• Executive Led, Bylaw Committees

  • Executive

    Possess and exercise powers of the Board between Board meetings and report actions at the next meeting for discussion, approval, rejection.  View committee members.


    Oversee Chamber Partnership Program benefits, programming, and recruitment.  View committee members.

    Government Affairs

    Monitor federal, state, and local government initiatives, regulation, mandates that impact the South Shore businesses, industries, and educate membership on those topics.  View committee members.


    Annually review Chamber operational processes and procedures to ensure compliance with legal and other mandates.  View committee members.

    Regional Development Steering Committee

    Steering Committee for the 2014 Regional Development Study being conducted by Market Street Services.   View committee members.


    Recommend and implement an annual operating budget to the Board of Directors, reviewing internal controls, and monitor financial trends.  View committee members.



    Guide the Chamber in achieving membership growth and retention goals via strategic initiatives.  View committee members.



    Monitor (and make recommendations of modification to) the Chamber investments, employee benefit plans and policies based on Board and Executive Committee strategy.  View committee members.



    Review (modify, recommend new) Chamber programs and support program planning, budgeting and implementation. Subgroups of this Committee will work tactically with Chamber staff to coordinate signature events.  View committee members.