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    The South Shore Chamber of Commerce is committed to supporting member business development by offering quality education programs that are relevant, timely, and cost effective.

    The SSCC Business Education Series provides Chamber members with opportunities for practical, up-to-date informational content and training on topics of interests to business leaders, owners, employers and employees of all size companies. The Series provides member presenters, who are Subject Matter Experts in the topics, the opportunity to make connections with other members and bring awareness to their business.   
    The SSCC Education Coordination Team manages the planning and delivery of educational programming in coordination with Chamber staff, committees, groups and teams. Categories and topics cover a range of business interests for both for-profit and non-profit organizations. The Team is currently holding its an annual Call for Proposals inviting SSCC members the opportunity to submit business education proposals. See info below:

    To receive notifications on upcoming educational workshops, be sure to update your Chamber Communications & Subscriptions here.

    If you are interested in joining this dynamic team, please contact Julie Williams at jwilliams@southshorechamber.org.

    Click here for information on submitting a topic for consideration for next year's calendar: 2017 Annual Call for Proposals

    2016 Workshops 

    Date Time Topic Presenters Location
    February 23rd 8-9:30AM Diversity & Inclusion 

    Lisa Drennan, SSYMCA
    Gwendolyn McCoy, BCBCM

    South Shore Chamber, Rockland
    March 4 8AM-12PM Creating A Business Plan, Part 1   University of Phoenix, Braintree 
    March 9 8-9:30AM Bookkeeping: The Fundamentals of Finance For Your Company

    Lori Coleman, Director of Business Development
    Anne Sheppard, Senior Financial Business Manager

    South Shore Chamber, Rockland
    March 17 7:30AM-12PM Employment Law Update   Quincy Marriot 
    March 25 9AM-1:00PM Health & Wellness Fair   SSYMCA, Quincy
    May 11 8-9:30AM Addiction In the Workplace   South Shore Chamber, Rockland
    May 18 12PM-1:30PM Facebook for Business Andrew Rush, Propel Marketing South Shore Chamber, Rockland
    June 8 8-9:30AM Throw Away the Customer Service Rule Book Amy Zintl, ServiceSense South Shore Chamber, Rockland
    September 15 8-9:30AM Understanding the New FLSA Regulations & Their Impact on You HR Specialists South Shore Chamber, Rockland
    September 30 8AM-5PM Business Plan Bootcamp for WBOs

    Jeannette Travaline, Braintree Cooperative
    Jacquie Collins, Partnering for Performance
    Clare Cox, Tidemark Corporation
    Michelle Hatch, Blum Shapiro
    Nancy OKeefe, Nancy OKeefe Coaching

    Rockland Trust Corporate Offices, Hanover
    October 12 8-9:30AM Hot Topics in HR: Bring It!   South Shore Chamber, Rockland
    November TBA TBA   TBA
    December 7 12PM-1:30PM Crisis Preparation & Management   South Shore Chamber, Rockland