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  • Town of Marshfield Permit Guide 2016

    On behalf of the Marshfield Board of Selectmen, we are very pleased to share this Marshfield Permit Guide. Marshfield is one of the South Shore’s premier communities rich in culture, history and business. We welcome all new and potential business to our family oriented community. We have a great new High School, outstanding municipal services and several historic “villages” that create a warm ambience throughout the community. We hope this Permit Guide is at least a step in the right direction and will provide some guidance to get you started.

    Marshfield Board of Selectmen
    Stephen G. Robbins, Chairman
    Michael G. Bradley, Vice Chairman
    James Fitzgerald, Clerk
    Rocco Longo, Town Administrator

    Phone: 781-834-5563
    Email: marshfield_selectmen@townofmarshfield.org