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  • Board Development Program

    We provide our members with the opportunity to learn more about the non-profits based in the community that we live, work, and play in. The South Shore Young Professionals seeks to educate our members about volunteer opportunities in and around our community in order to shape future leaders on the South Shore.

    Participating Organizations

    • Grow the future leadership within their organization while adding to the diversity of their own boards
    • Bridge the gap of board knowledge and the interworkings of that organization
    • Meet a pool of talented young professionals as board members to sustain the future direction of your organization
    • Attract talent and teach applicants how to better serve the community
    • Cultivate relationships with new markets to support your mission and direction

    South Shore Young Professionals

    The SSYP puts forth a number of candidates after going through our detailed selection process.

    Candidate Requirements:

    • Be an active member of the SSYP
    • Belong to an SSYP Committee
    • Submit an application with resume
    • Be interviewed by our selection committee prior to meeting with participating organization
    • Commit to the time requirements as defined by the participating organization in the orientation process.
    • Act as a representative of The SSYP.
    • Prepare a list of questions for the participating organization to be asked during interviews
    • Provide quarterly reports to the SSYP Board and/or Executive Committee