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  • Non Profit Organization Affinity Group


    The Non Profit Organization Affinity Group at the South Shore Chamber of Commerce brings non-profit members together to: collaborate, advocate for shared interests, promote the visibility of non-profits as critical contributors to the South Shore Community and further the mission of the Chamber.

    The group serves the dual purpose of providing support and assistance to the chamber’s Non Profit Organization members and assuring that there is non-profit participation and representation on chamber committees and initiatives.  Non-profits offer a unique perspective, have significant impact on the quality of life in our communities and share many of the same issues and concerns as our for profit peers.


    Membership in the group is open to any non-profit member of the South Shore Chamber.  There are no minimum meeting requirements for participation, however, officers and steering committee members have required minimum participation expectations as noted below and each organization may have only one vote on issues including the election of officers. 


    The Non Profit Organization Affinity Group will meet 6-7 times per year, with the schedule being set at the January meeting following the election of officers.  The meetings will include:

    • The Annual Meeting open to all NPO Chamber members - will occur usually in January for the first meeting of the year. It will include election of officers and steering committee members, evaluation of key accomplishments from the previous year, prioritization of topics for the upcoming year, scheduling meetings, identification of sub-committees, and areas of critical impact for the group in partnership with the chamber.
    • 2-3 Steering Committee Meetings, open to officers and steering committee members only.
    • 3 Topic Related Meetings discussions/presentations such as; Social Media, Governance, and Fundraising – these meetings are open to all NPO chamber members.  
    • Optional – the group may offer 1 Networking or Chamber-wide educational event (TBA) depending on interest and need.