• Cray Physical Therapy Announces the Opening of its Second Location on August 1st! Northeast Health and Fitness in Weymouth, MA

    July 13, 2017
    Braintree and Weymouth, MA. - July 13, 2017-Cray Physical Therapy, a leading provider of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation in Mass, will be opening its second location in the Northeast Health and Fitness facility located at 551 Washington Street, Weymouth MA on August 1, 2017.
    “The opening of this new location is an important step in expanding our reach within our community. At Cray Physical Therapy, we believe that our clients are truly the number one priority when it comes to our treatment programs. We provide real 1-on-1 therapy and want to be a resource for life. Whether you need complete rehabilitation, or have a simple question about your body, we are here for you and easily accessible.”
    Some of the services available at Cray Physical Therapy include:
    Ankle and Foot Pain
    Back and Neck Pain
    Ergonomic Assessment
    Fall Prevention/Balance Training
    Hip and Knee Pain
    Pediatric Physical Therapy
    Shoulder Pain
    Sports Training/Conditioning
    Surgical Rehabilitation
    Work Related Injuries
    To learn more, or to schedule a screening, visit; www.CrayPT.com
    Cray Physical Therapy also offers dry needling. A form of therapy in which fine needles are inserted into muscle knots, tendons, ligaments or near nerves to stimulate a healing response in painful musculoskeletal conditions such as shoulder impingement, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, shin splints, headaches, plantar fasciitis or low back pain.
    Additionally, Cray Physical Therapy:
    • Offers convenient hours, including early mornings and late evenings.
    • Handles all Dr. Calls and Referrals for patients.
    • Schedules each initial evaluation within 24-48 hours of the patient’s request.
    • Provides ongoing patient education on diagnosis, treatment plans and prescribed home-exercise programs.
    • Practices clear, consistent communication between therapist, physician and patient regarding progress.
    Cray Physical Therapy
    551 Washington St, Weymouth, MA 02188 l Weymouth, MA l Phone: 339-987-4856                                           
    ABOUT Cray Physical Therapy
    Cray Physical Therapy is a therapist owned company specializing in orthopedic and sports rehabilitation.  Cray Physical Therapy was founded in 2009 by Shawn Cray, DPT, CSCS with one goal in mind; to deliver the highest quality of care to our patients as possible. We believe in establishing a strong bond and trust between our therapists and patients, which is why our patients are evaluated and treated by the same licensed therapist.  All of our treatment sessions are 1 hour in length and on a one to one basis, which is an unmatched level of care that sets us apart from most of our competition.  We focus heavily on education with our patients because we believe strongly that this helps re-enforce the goals of our treatments but also prevent future injuries.  All of our therapists hold clinical doctorate degrees (DPT) as well as a variety of advanced certificates pertaining to things such as sports specific training and clinical education.  Cray Physical Therapy currently has a 3,300 square foot state of the art facility in the Braintree Highlands. 
    Shawn Cray, Owner
    (339) 987-4856