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  • Using the Member's Only Portal

    Through your Member Dashboard is your portal you can update your company and employee(s) information, search for other Chamber members and businesses, register easily for events, and most importantly, build your online presence.

    1. Go to the Log In Page
    2. Enter Login Info  If you enter your information and you receive a message that your email is not recognized, we either a) don’t have you listed as a representative for your company or b) your login hasn’t been set up.   You can set-up your own login by clicking No Login Created?   If you still have trouble logging in, email Heather at hmccall@southshorechamber.org or call 781.421.3914. 
    3. Welcome to the Dashboard   Once you’re logged in, you will be brought to the landing page of the Member Dashboard.  You can search for businesses or representatives using the search field at the top of the page, begin editing your information, register for events, or post an update to the message board. 

    Updating Your Profile

    There are two options for updating a profile - personal and company.  Anyone can update their own personal information; however, only designated employees can update the company listing.  Access to make changes to the company's membership listing must be designated through the Chamber and must be the primary contact for the company and a specific Chamber member representative that the company has chosen.  The Chamber listing rep will be able to make changes, additions, add jobs, events, et all.

    Personal Information - Updating your profile information is very easy and beneficial!  To ensure that you are receiving the kind of communications that you want and that other members (and those that search our website) can find you, be sure to keep your profile up-to-date. 

    Company Information - Just like keeping your information up-to-date, making sure your company’s information and employee list is correct is extremely important.  The more information you provide and the more current that information is the better this will help others to find you through SEO. 

    Your Enhanced Listing

    We want you to use your Chamber web listing as an extension of your own website.  The more information you provide with keywords, descriptions, and logos, the better your SEO.  The enhanced listing is complimentary with your Chamber membership!

    • Expanded About Us section to really let visitors and other members know what you do
    • List your company's social media networks
    • Highlight areas of your website that you want to people to visit.  Have a catalog?  FAQ?  Menu?  Link it here.
    • Keywords are very important for being found by those on our website and in other searches.  The Chamber has a terrific SEO and part of what helps elevate a member's listing on a search engine are the unlimited keywords.
    • Branding your Chamber listing is easy!  Add a header, logo, and a search logo for the directory search page.  You can also have an unlimited gallery to show your products or anything else you want to promote about your business.  You are can share a promotional video (must be hosted on YouTube).

    Additional Benefits

    Chamber members are able to post Jobs, Events, News Releases, Member to Member Discounts, and Hot Deals for visitors to the website.  You must be either the Primary orChamber Listing Represenative to post these opportunities. 

    • Hot Deals are any discount or product offering you want to make to the general public.
    • Member to Member Deals are offers to other members.
    • News Releases can be added through the portal and will scroll on the front page of the Chamber's website for a couple of weeks.  It will also be on your listing.
    • Have a job opening?  Be sure to post it!  Over 40 jobs were posted last year with 6400 views.
    • You can also post an upcoming event, fundraiser, educational program to the Community Calendar.

    The Chamber website sees an average of 17,000 visitors each month.  Be sure to make your business stand out and enhance your listing.  If you haven't done so, we recommend attending a Navigating the Chamber LIVE to learn about what the Chamber offers, what we're working on, and how best to maximize your Chamber membership listing.