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      I’m an editor, proofreader, and writer with over ten years of experience in developing engaging and error-free prose for print and digital publications. When hours are spent working on a project, it's difficult for even the most skilled writer to pick up mechanical errors, misspelled words, and holes in logic within his own writing. Why? The author tends to be too close to his own writing to catch errors and inconsistencies; he sees his own work as it appears in his mind instead of how it reads on the page or screen. Spelling and grammar checkers have come a long way but won’t pick up on homonyms, extra/missing words, or passages that are too wordy or confusing. An editor or proofreader acts as an objective third party who reads through a piece of writing specifically to catch errors and inconsistencies in grammar, spelling, punctuation, style, language, and voice. For all parties involved, the desired outcome is the same: error-free writing which clearly conveys the intended meaning.

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      • Kate Strassel
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