Sponsorship Opportunities

    $10,000 Exclusive Premier Co-Sponsor

    Power this event. Co-sponsor the South Shore’s ONLY Innovation showcase with the Chamber. Maximize promotional impact before, during and after the event. As soon as you sign on for this exclusive sponsorship, the Innovation Showcase will be “Powered by YOUR NAME HERE.”

    Also includes exhibit space; top billing in all pre-event and event day marketing; full page ad in Innovation Show Guide; Title sponsor of the Innovation Showcase bag that all attendees will carry during and after the event.


    $5,000 Exclusive VIP Luncheon Sponsor (can be split)

    Be the exclusive brand of our VIP luncheon and stand out in front of our VIP guests, including our Partners and Board Members, with your 2 VIP seats at the event, logo display and verbal acknowledgment.

    $3,000 Exclusive Exhibitor Networking Lunch

    Be the exclusive company recognized among all the Exhibitors during their set-up / networking time. Your sponsorship also provides lunch for all the exhibitors.


     $1,500 Exclusive Lanyard Sponsor

    Have your company name or logo imprinted on lanyards worn by all attendees and exhibitors.


    $1,500 Exclusive Water Break Sponsor

    Put your company name and logo on custom labeled water bottles.  Help keep our vendors  and attendees refreshed.


    (6) $3,500 each Pillars of Excellence Sponsor

    Your company name and logo will be the showcased brand for your choice of Pillar of Excellence. Attendees will see your brand prominently featured at the entrance of your chosen Pillar section. Choice of Pillar of Excellence is available on a first come, first served basis. 

    (2) $2,000 each or 1 at $4,000 WiFi Sponsor

    Your sponsorship offers enhanced, event-wide WiFi capability to hundreds of attendees and for all exhibitors.  Two sponsorships available or be the exclusive WiFi sponsor for $4,000.



    (6) $650 each Pillars of Excellence Refreshment Station Sponsor

    Each Pillar of Excellence floor section will offer its own distinctive and interactive refreshment station.  Be the exclusive sponsor of (1) refreshment station and be cool, hot or just plain yummy!

    (6) Charge-Up Station Sponsor

    Each Pillar of Excellence area will be equipped with a charging station for mobile and other devices.  This Sponsorship allows those members with a limited budget to get in on the action with charged up exposure. Six sponsorships available or be the exclusive Charge-Up Station sponsor for $1,800.


    (5) $300 each Exhibit Hall Map Sponsor

    Your company name and logo will be featured on the exhibition floor map given to all event attendees.

    (15) $250 Angel Investor Sponsor

    Sponsor into the show a start-up or innovator from Massachusetts —your choice or our suggestion. Please accept our gratitude in advance on their behalf. Your name will be featured as an angel investor at their station.


    Become a Sponsor Here